accompanied with dips and breadsticks.


Tomato soup

with basil oil

Mushroom Soup


Greek salad

with Cretan vegetables and virgin olive oil and feta cheese.

Cretan green salad

with Cretan smoked ham( apaki), gruyere, sour apple, pasteli and carob honey sauce

Shrimp salad

with aromatic citrus and fresh spinach

Caprese salad

with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto

Caesar salad

with chicken, Parmesan peels, crispy bacon and flavored croutons

Cold Appetizers

Traditional tzatziki


with soft cheese cream, prosciutto and fig jam

Beef carpaccio

smoked with acid wood aromatic and tuna fish mayonnaise

Hot Appetizers

Garlic Bread with cheese

Fried Roasted Gruyere cheese

saganaki with nut crust, tomato jam and mint


stuffed with chicken sauté, sweet and sour sauce and cashews


stuffed with tempura shrimp, vegetable sticks and sweet chili sauce

Variety of Asian tastes

(samosa,won ton,spring rolls) with sweet and sour sauce.

Risotti & Pasta

Spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti napoliten

Gluten-free pasta

with fresh vegetables and tomato sauce


stuffed with spinach, cheese and sun-dried tomato pesto and feta foam

Spaghetti carbonara ala Cavos


with shrimp and bisque sauce


with asparagus and truffle oil


with sliced chicken fillet, porcini and primavera sauce

Linguini Pasta ‘fisherman”

with shrimps, clams, mussels, squid


Pizza Margarita

Greek Pizza

with olives, smoked ham(apaki), tomato, feta cheese, onion and peppers

Pizza campagnioli

with mozzarella, pepperoni, onion and egg

Pizza Pepperoni

Pizza gyros (pork or chicken)

Tastes of Greece

Lamb short skew

baked potato , green vegetables , cherry tomatoes sautéed, green salad and yogurt sauce

Pork gyros on fluffy pita bread

with tomatoes, onion and crispy potatoes

Homemade traditional moussaka

Vegetable moussak

Fried squid rings

with black mayonnaise and French fries

Steamed mussels

with vegetable sticks and ouzo sauce

Shrimp saganaki ala Cavos

with ouzo, fresh tomato and feta cheese

Lamb kleftiko

with vegetables, ragout and kasseri cheese

Main Dishes with Meat

Variety of meat mix grill for 2 people

(pork souvlaki, sausage, kebab, chicken fillet, pork gyros), French fries with yogurt sauce and BBQ sauce

Grilled beef (sirloin)

with crushed baby sautéed potatoes, baby carrot and confit cherry tomatoes, accompanied by pepper-mushroom sauce

Beef tagliata

with carrot puree, grilled mushroom, accompaniment aromatic salt and pepper-mushroom sauce

Beef Rib-Eye (Black Angus)

with crushed baby sautéed potatoes, sautéed carrots, cherry tomatoes and green salad, accompanied by Jack Daniels-pepper sauce

Beef Tomahawk

asparagus wrapped with bacon, corn stalk, crushed baby potatoes, grilled tomato, accompanied by Jack Daniels-pepper sauce. Per kg

Hanging grilled pork chop

with belly, country potatoes, corn, grilled tomato, accompanied by BBQ-mustard sauce.

Pork Spare Ribs

with country potatoes, cherry tomatoes, corn, green salad and BBQ sauce

Smoked grilled pork belly

with sweet potato puree, beetroot puree, on grilled tomato, asparagus, sauce from acid fruits , in flavored herbs aromatic

Grilled chicken breast fillet

with sautéed vegetables and French fries

Main Dishes with Sea Food

Variety of seafood for 2 people

(mussels, shrimps, sea bass, squid, sardines) with sautéed vegetables and French fries.

Shrimp sautéed

with exotic fruits, coconut milk, curry and wild rice

Grilled sardines

with lemon and green salad

Grilled shrimp skew

with cherry tomatoes, green salad, grilled fennel and French fries

Salmon fillet

sautéed on Cretan yahnera greens, Parisienne potatoes and lemon sauce with saffron

Grilled sea bream

with sautéed vegetables, beetroot textures, potatoes and oil and lemon sauce

Grilled sea bass

with sautéed vegetables, splashes, potatoes and oil and lemon sauce

Lobster (500-600 gr.)

with linguini and lobster coral sauce

Grilled lobster (per kilo)

with Napoleon vegetables, Parisienne potatoes, sautéed asparagus, accompanied by sauce bearnaise and herbs butter

Hallal Meat

Grilled beef (sirloin)

with crushed baby sautéed potatoes, baby carrot and confit cherry tomatoes, accompanied by pepper-mushroom sauce

Beef tagliata

with carrot puree, grilled mushroom, accompaniment aromatic salt and pepper-mushroom sauce

Lamb short skew

baked potato, green vegetables, cherry tomatoes sautéed, green salad and yogurt sauce

Beef burger on fluffy bread

with lettuce, tomato, pickles, bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce, accompaniment with country potatoes and smoked paprika


Crème Brulee

with Madanacaris vanilla and brown sugar gradients


with matcha cream, crumble cashews, mango-pineapple jam

Crème of white and dark chocolate

on crumble hazelnut and strawberry sauce

Brunch & Snacks

Fried eggs

with bacon, cherry tomatoes and toasted bread

Greek omelet

with feta cheese, onion and tomato


with vegetables of your choice

Crock Madame

with sourdough toasted bread, ham, cheese and egg eye

Crock Norwegian

with bread, salmon, cream cheese, poached egg with Morneau gratin

Club sandwiches

with bacon, cheese, chicken fillet, tomato, lettuce, accompanied by french fries and ketchup

Sweet Brunch


with white and dark chocolate, grated oreo biscuit

Pancake love

with chocolate praline and strawberries

For the preparation of our dishes, we use extra-virgin olive oil

Service and V.I.P. are included in prices